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tri.Attack(); is a 2D arcade game with a theme inspired by classic Atari-era entertainment. As the player, you control a single tri with unique powers compared to other polygons. The tri has the ability to shoot out of your body. Once shot out, the tri can recall back to yourself. This boomerang-like tri serves as your weapon, which you need to use to defeat enemy polygons.

Several different enemies exist in the game, each giving different amounts of points. The score gained increases for each enemy defeated with a single shot of your tri. Attempt to get as high of a score as possible, unlocking all of the tri variants as you play!

tri.Attack(); is designed and programmed by Demmy Mangusso. Composition is provided by Nick West. Additional programming by Yukon Wainczak


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Tags2D, Arcade, Asteroids, Pixel Art, Retro, shapes, Singleplayer, triangle, Unity, yoyo


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Movement and shooting seems fun but I can't get the game to start. I can get to this second screen but no further https://imgur.com/a/EosKVUt

Difficult game, but it's got a great mechanic. Great to just jump in for a bit


LOVE IT! This game was really fun to play and although I did a goof and didn't realized you could move around until way too late, I still enjoyed my time! I did a gameplay video of my first impressions, definitely recommending this game! 


I'm really rather bad at this game, but it's a good time! Simple mechanic, easy to use, difficult to master. One click runs everything, so I'm sure that's good for accessibility, too! Enjoyable stuff. 


Fun little game! I am not particularly good at it :( but I had fun regardless x Thank you!

Not the developer, but i noticed that you are providing feedback to many of the games in the racial equality bundle. it must take a long time to do and you're giving new indie devs valuable feedback, good job!


Oh wow, thanks! I am indeed doing that, but I didn't think anyone would notice! Just want to give something back, you know? :) Thank you!!